Aging Workforce Solutions, LLC

123 College Program

   Does Your Family Have a Plan to Maximize the Value of the

Investment You Will Make in Your Child’s College Education?

Learn How to Establish a Model for Academic, Career and Financial Success-

Before Spending a Dime on College Tuition!

 A college degree has always been a part of the American Dream.  However, continually rising costs and the lack of jobs for graduates has caused many to reconsider the value of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars-often assuming much of that in debt-to achieve a degree.

We provide guidance for families by establishing an academic and vocational identity for their college bound children-and how to fund it to maximize the value it can deliver.

Join us to learn how to access:

·         A service that files FAFSA forms (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for all 4 years

·         An analysis of prospective colleges to determine the “best value” based on major and career goals-up to 8 schools per evaluation, including school specific scholarships

·         A comprehensive SAT/ACT preparation course to position your child with the highest score possible to maximize offers from desired schools. Prepared by Kaplan, a leader in private higher education

·         A comprehensive, interactive academic and vocational career guidance program developed by Kuder Navigator, a national leader in education and workforce development, helping to determine your child’s “academic and vocational identity” 

·         Assistance for families in negotiations with schools for concessions on tuition costs

·         Guidelines for adapting to academic and social aspects of college life

If student loans are necessary, and or if scholarship and grant money is available:

·         Positioning the family to best qualify for maximum aid based on Federal guidelines

123 College has been helping families with the complicated tasks in these and other areas of the college engagement process since 1994.  Join us for one of our group programs, or arrange for a no-risk personal consultation.  Aging Workforce Solutions of Darien, CT has engaged, a Kaplan company, to complement its “3 Retirements” program.  For more information:

Take the “Family College Homework Test” to evaluate your family’s preparedness for the college experience, or call us at 203-352-3916 for a direct conversation about the scope of our program.