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The Three Retirements

Retirement today is more complex than funding a retirement account. Families will need to create a retirement model that addresses at least three issues that can affect accumulating maximum retirement assets. 

The first of these is how families will “retire” their children’s college debt.  Obtaining a college degree has always been part of the American Dream.  However, economic conditions have made finding a suitable job upon graduation difficult at best-often when the family has incurred significant debt to finance the degree.

Does your family have a plan to maximize the investment in your child’s college education?

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Retiring Your Parent’s Care Costs

Medical technology and lifestyle awareness are enabling people to live into their eighties and nineties-and longer. When life spans increase, so does the need for support and advocacy. The role of an advocate and or caregiver comes at a cost-which is often absorbed in some way by a family member.  Out of pocket expenses-which can easily exceed $100,000 per year in the Northeast-and or the opportunity cost of time devoted to a needy loved one-can be costly in many ways. Lost time from work, missed promotions, reduced productivity, diminished family time with spouses and children, and the impact of stress over years, even decades can exact a toll on anyone involved in the care giving process. Note: One in three care givers predecease their care recipient.

We help families and the businesses  challenged by care giving roles to establish a plan to address all costs associated with care giving.  Funding care costs, employer wellness programs, workplace caregiver training on various health related issues. (Arthritis and Alzheimer’s/Dementia  are two examples of conditions relevant to productivity and cost containment.)

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Your Retirement

The goals of retirement planning are often complex, moving targets that require consistent oversight to achieve and maintain desired outcomes.  Dynamic tax laws, volatile markets, current record low interest rates and uncertainty of health care costs require the retiree and planner to be nimble to facilitate long-term outcomes for the retiree and those dependent on them.


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