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Corporate Wellness CheckUp

How will your company's business plan address:


Retaining employees in an employee driven hiring market?

Retaining clients when key employees are retiring or being poached?

Increasing profits when aging workforce issues can challenge your business?

Is your exit strategy feasible?

Take our Corporate Wellness Check Up.

Corporate Wellness Check Up


Due to recent market conditions and the resulting awareness of how they are impacting our clients, Aging Workforce Solutions  is enhancing the scope of services we deliver to our clients.  We have developed this questionnaire to help identify opportunities for greater efficiencies in a number of areas we believe will benefit the companies and employees with whom we work. Our experience has shown these to be areas where significant value can be obtained with proper planning.

Give yourself 5 points for every aspect of planning you and/or your colleagues have successfully addressed.

Tally your score at the end to see how prepared you and your company are to maximize the value of your company-today and in the future. We will be making the Corporate Wellness Check Up an interactive form shortly.  Until then, please copy and paste it into an email, and send it to us, or copy and paste it into a document, print and fax to 866-460-1947.

 Corporate Wellness Checkup


My company has a clearly defined succession plan. The process for orderly transition of ownership between current stockholders to future ones currently includes:

o   Documents relative to the transfer process have been drafted and/or reviewed in the past 3 years-including but not limited to certificates of organization or formation, capital structure, buy-sell agreements, employee compensation agreements, etc.  (Not sure how extensive this should be for your company?  Ask us for a comprehensive sample list-no risk or commitment to you.) (5 pts)

o   Retention strategies for key employees, management and supporting intellectual capital have been designed and implemented (5 pts)

o   If a family owned/operated business, unique family oriented aspects of the transfer (personal and estate tax issues, asset protection strategies, multigenerational planning issues, family/workplace politics, etc) have been approached and discussed in detail (Not certain what is relevant for your family? Ask us for a sample list-no risk or commitment to you.) (5 pts)

o   My company has had an independent third party valuation within the past 3 years. (5pts)

o   Crisis management and disaster recovery policies are up to date regarding variables that can impact productivity and or revenue; response strategies can be implemented on short notice (5 pts)

o   Due diligence has been done regarding patent rights and or proprietary processes and how they impact the marketability of the company (5 pts)

o   Tax implications have been evaluated regarding the ultimate exit from the company, and strategies have been designed to effectively minimize income taxes from the exit process (5 pts)

My company is up to date on compliance regarding IRS and ERISA issues with:

o   Qualified Sick Pay Plans.  The document detailing how employees-including those with ownership shares-are compensated when sick or injured is up to date and in compliance with IRS guidelines (5 pts)

o   ERISA Qualified Retirement Plans. Summary plan documents are in compliance with IRS codes and updated annually (5 pts)

o   Non ERISA Qualified Retirement Plans. My company has evaluated the value and applications of non ERISA retirement and compensation structures and how they dovetail with retention, tax planning and liquidity strategies (5 pts)


 Considerations for maximizing shareholder value have been evaluated.

o   Group and supplemental benefits are annually reviewed for efficiencies in cost and administration; they are structured (when applicable) to enhance productivity of one or more levels of the company (5 pts)

o   Risk management policies and structures are reviewed annually for efficiencies in cost and administration (5 pts)

o   Corporate life insurance has been reviewed within the past 2 years for efficiencies in cost and application (5 pts)

o   Discretionary perks are evaluated relative to productivity on a regular basis (5 pts)


Personal Planning

o   The sources of my current and future income needs are established and confirmed

 (5 pts)

o   I have put in place mechanisms for efficient transfer of my assets to beneficiaries   (5pts)

They are structured to:

o   Reduce current and future income and estate taxes (5 pts)

o   Maintain and enhance current and future shareholder value in my company (5 pts)

o   Facilitate any charitable initiatives I want to pursue (5 pts)

o   Provide maximum asset protection for myself and future generations (5 pts)

Total Score:_______


Scoring the Checkup

We have put this brief questionnaire together because of the value this process can bring to the business owners we serve.  We have recently enhanced our services in these areas because we recognize how important they are, and how BIG of a difference proactively addressing them can make in maximizing the current and future value of your company.

Evaluations of case studies have taught us the difference for our clients can literally be millions of dollars. 

 75-100:  Good job.  You have kept your eye on the ball and are well positioned to exit with and secure the maximum amount of revenue for you and your family, now and in the future, with minimal complications.

50-75:  You are a work in progress-don’t give up now!  You probably have a few loose ends that need to be tied up.  Budget some time and set goals for getting top priorities done asap.     

25-50:  The challenges of keeping the business productive are possibly keeping you from addressing these key issues. Do you have a strategy to get on top of your highest priorities regarding making your succession plan part of your success plan?

0-25:  You are in a danger zone.  It is time to slow down enough to assess your situation and break down tasks into manageable pieces.

Please complete the evaluation and supporting final questions and fax them back in to 866-460-1947, or scan and email to

Considering my score:

o   I recognize I have challenges and wish to coordinate a risk free initial consultation to better evaluate how well my company is positioned regarding succession issues.

My two biggest concerns at this point are:



o   I would like a copy of the document preparation list

o   I would like copy of the estate planning preparation list   

o   I believe I am in a good space, and don’t wish to take advantage of a risk free introductory consultation to review my situation.

Aging Workforce Solutions thanks you for your participation.