Aging Workforce Solutions, LLC

About Us


70 to 80 million "Baby Boomer" aged workers will exit the workforce between 2010 and 2020.  Because only 30 - 40 million workers in the next generation will replace them, this exodus of Boomers will place an incredible strain on the workforce in the U.S.

Professions such as medicine, engineering, middle and upper management, power management and distribution, and sales organizations will be hardest hit by this demographic shift.  But have you and your organization put a plan in place to adapt to this dynamic in the workforce as it will affect you, your industry, and your employees?

Aging Workforce Solutions was established to assist corporations, their managers, small businesses - and employees and their families - with the challenges the aging workforce will present to them.

How will your company's  business plan address:
Retaining employees in an "employee driven" hiring market?
Retaining clients when key employees are retiring - or susceptible to being poached?
Increasing profits and revenue when aging workforce issues can challenge the business in these or other ways?

For the closely held business owner and its managers and key employees:
Is your business model coordinated with your personal financial plan?
Is your exit strategy for the business feasible relative to the previous questions?

Please join us on this journey.  Your input is welcomed.  A good place to begin is to take our "Corporate Wellness Check Up".