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Who are we?

Aging Workforce Solutions is a Financial Advisory Practice based in Darien, CT. It began in response to the shifting demographic in our society. Over the next decade 70-80 million boomers in America will exit the workforce; only 30-40 million workers will replace them.  This shift will change the way businesses will staff, train and deliver benefit offerings to their employees.

AWS functions to support families, businesses and their employees in various ways.  Primarily, the areas of insurance (life, disability and long-term care insurance), Company Benefits, Retirement Planning are our core areas. We also have a consultative role in the areas of business development and exit planning in the small to mid-market areas.   My name is Tom Smith, the President of Aging Workforce Solutions.  In addition to being the owner of my own business, I was a caregiver to two very needy senior adult parents from 2001 through 2015.  Thus, I am very familiar with one of the challenges of the Aging Workforce: Working age adults providing care for their parents.  The need for this “Sandwich Generation”-workers caring for parents and children simultaneously-to balance personal and professional responsibilities will create challenges and opportunities for businesses.

How do we function?

Aging Workforce Solutions helps businesses and their employees to adapt to the circumstances of their situation by assembling a team of support staff to address the unique challenges affecting their population.

The primary functions of Thomas Smith & Associates lie in the areas of insurance, investment and benefit plan design and implementation. However, our support partners bring the following resources to those who engage us.  Some of the more common areas include, but are not limited to:

Legal:  Trust and estate planning, elder law and business transactions are the more common areas of law that support our constituency.

Accounting:  Tax preparation and navigation of the tax code as it applies to the situation at hand. 

Finance: Buy and sell side support for funding business initiatives.

Charitable Planning: Developing planned giving and major gift strategies for individuals and non-profits

Regarding more personal care issues as they apply to businesses and their employees, we also engage the following entities for support:

Geriatric Care Management: Designing plans of care when employees are challenged by time and or geography.

Disease Specific Counseling: Addressing issues such as Alzheimer’s and Arthritis from a corporate perspective.

Wellness Programs:  Company specific programs to facilitate cost containment and enhance productivity.

Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities:  Addressing rehabilitation and respite issues for employees and families.